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About Me

A creative design is key.  Conveying that creativity through 3D visualization is where excitement is born.

I create 3D models, animations, and renderings for design and construction firms around the United States.  I help firms tell the story of their creative designs in ways that allow users to experience a space in real time.

3D modeling

Through the use of SketchUp, AutoCAD, and Revit, I build 3D models for firms to visualize their design within the surrounding environment.  I create files that are easily structured and able to be shared with the full project team, whether they are housed in your office, or scattered through the world.


Clients are more and more visual as the design world evolves.  I help clients fully understand the design intent of a specific project by allowing them to experience what this space looks and feels like before ground even breaks.  By creating life-like animations with textures, colors, shadows, and entourage, they experience fly-through demonstrations of not only the overall impression, but the ground level human scale as well.

For Landscape Architects

I predominantly work with landscape architects and planners.  I have a degree in landscape architecture from Purdue University, and have professional experience in offices in the US and Japan.  working with land forms, massing, and accurate rendering of plant material is my forte; but most important of all, I simply understand how projects work from a landscape architect’s perspective.

For Architects

Over the last several years, I have worked with a number of architecture firms, both big and small.  I pay very close attention to displaying lighting, textures, and detailed fixtures in an accurate setting.  I understand the importance of conveying spatial relationships in models and animations, and providing not only tastefully beautiful renderings and animations – but tastefully accurate as well.

For Real Estate & Development

My clients in development and real estate probably find what I do the most beneficial for their line of work.  Having something to show your future tenants, guests, investors, etc exactly what is in the works is more valuable than anyone can imagine.  A simple plan won’t get you far with today’s market – people want to see more, experience more, and feel more.  Help them to immerse themselves in the development by creating flythrough animations showcasing the details they will enjoy once it’s built.

Meet My Landscape Architecture Animation Company | Aikin Design

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My Services

Complex models are difficult to fit into a project schedule. I build models to help alleviate those burdens and allow the complexities to become realities.

Lifelike images are what sells ideas and concepts. Clients are becoming more and more visual. I render images with accuracy and definition to help this show through.

Nothing allows clients to visualize and experience a space like real time animations. I create these visualizations for firms to give these opportunities to their clients.

When production lags in an office and you’re against deadlines, your best work gets shorted. I help firms solve these issues through hands-on office support.


$125per hour
$4,000per month

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